It's rare occasion that I'm made to feel like a Queen in the boudoir. There really isn't a guy that hasn't offered to either but I don't like desperate subs that do anything besides tell me how much they're going to spoil me. I prefer a man that simply treats me like a Queen. Now that you know that vital info I should just go on about how I met an amazing Client during my break in my Hometown.

Let's call him Adonis, a 6ft2 tall, medium-built firm Black Man. I've apparently seen him a few times but here I am getting a call to just "hang". I buy into his gig, I let him come over and see me even tho our previous texts revolve around him giving me the run-around or me not being able to take his cock. He brings my rate too which is a plus but other than my booking fee he brings flavored lube, a little hennessey, and a bottle of water. Truly a weird Trio!

Midway through our time of conversation he asks if I want a rub down like he legit said "let me spoil you and rub your body like the goddess you are"

Needless to say, I'M IN! Haha

Adonis starts massaging the middle of my back working his hands through my cheeks separating them, running his thumb just over my hole. Honestly such a tease, he works his way back up pulling on my arms and grinding his hands all over my hands. I'm just numb at this point cause my hands and ass are my fav bodyparts to be massaged.

Although there's a moment of pure relaxation when Adonis sucked my feet, my toes, the space between my toes, he applies pressure with his cock and hands on the soles of my foot ONE. AT. A. TIME. This guy, this man.. Is just touching every pleasurable nerve I think I possibly have. Its maybe an hour into this that he fully lays me on the floor popping my neck, cracking my back. Adonis is putting in so much work, I almost feel obligated to fuck him lmao. He stops me when I arch my ass though. Irritating but keeping the sexual tension alive is just as good as fucking.

He finally gets me back on the bed but lays me on my back after being turned into Jello for an hour. I've had it, I need fucked, and I need his cock. I look up at him with his cock dangling in those grey boxers. I didn't know he was so big till he took off his boxers even with his impressive dick print. Such a massive soup can type of thick Cock too. I eagerly wrap my whole mouth around it hoping he fucks the back of my throat and works my mouth how he did the rest of my body. He doesn't fuck my throat, instead I neck him while working my own cock into the equation.

I can taste the precum, it's so salty and hanging onto the back of my throat. I think I'm gonna cum but my asshole was puckering and just as excited as I was. I tell him to spit on my ass and enter my hole. I even held both ass-cheeks open just so I'd get all the meat. He obliges and starts tongue fucking inside me trying to get it wet and sloppy as I'm taking his cock in my mouth. 69'ing is hott when his dick is so long. He achieves his goal, I'm sopping wet and ready to have his whole cock slide in me.

Adonis slides it in, I open up and push a little just so he can fully be in me. I'm massaging his cock and flexing on it so fiercely. He rests on the wall as I back this ass onto him, he has no choice to fuck his way out of this. Grabbing my left leg I put one on the bed and start bobbing my ass up and down fucking HIM! I'm getting into rhythm with him, my little clitty is even hard. All the sudden it's ruined....

He stops me cause we both hear a noise and think my roommate is coming home. I normally don't care and my roommate doesn't either. She knows I love to fuck. But he likes it discreet so we stop and he starts putting on clothes. It's a bummer he did that cause my hole finally notices the damage that was done. Even if I hopped on his still rock-hard cock I wouldn't be able to hang.

My hole aches and my balls are soaked from cherry lube and precum. The moment is over. I put on my black silk robe and get ready to take him to the door when actually my roommate wasn’t home. The best and worst news. I wish he was still behind me but I know my hole was trying to go back to it's original size lol. I couldn't do my hole like that!

He turns around and asks if I'm ready for more, I reluctantly let him try at least. Mind you we're both a little goofy off the henny but we sort of manage. The magic from before was just gone, he barely stayed hard and when he did my hole was tired of being abused. Plus I really wanted to eat my leftover Thai Food. Like, really bad.

Can't win em' all kids!

He leaves, I lay on my bed and finish what we started, thinking about that fat cock expanding my ass..

I cum on the side of my thigh and send the pic to him. He "heart reacts" and I wake up to a missed call at 10:07.

Do I call him back?

Or was that an instance of luck?

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