Newport 4some

Been saving this gem for a ainy day but here it is, a rainy day haha

Back when I used to live in Newport, Ky I was really just coming into my own sexual appetite. I had always wanted to put together a Gangbang I’d be at the center of. So my big sexy ass posted an ad on CL. I was really into this idea at the time but I only had one day of free time. After posting that night setting this up for the following afternoon I went and bought some graphic body fishnet costume from Hustler that was on sale. I wanted only one thing and that was big dicks flying around my face and ass.

I wake up to only 600 responses. I was spooked! I didn’t know that many people would want to fuck a passable Amazonian TS haha. I try to filter through the emails that only had images. I got a few responses back but in the end I had 4 guys ready to come over later that afternoon. Gave them all a meeting time as well as my address. I hurried and showered my body making it ready for the dicks that were to come.

I put on the full body fishnet and I noticed there were 2 holes on the crotch, I slipped on the all black outfit pushing my big balls and cock through the front hole while I positioned the back right on my asshole.

*knock knock*

The first guy was here! I rush to the door acting like I wasn’t expecting him greeting him in my ensemble. He reached out to what I thought was going to be a handshake but he caressed my nipple and invited himself in. He was in a Black Vneck shirt, black rimmed glasses, medium build. Tattoos up and down his arms. Very indie rocker that writes about his cats on his gaming blog lol. Here’s our short but fun dialogue:

Him: Soooo where are the other guys?

Me: They’ll be here soon, did you wanna pick me up some poppers? I don’t have any and that bulge in you pants tells me youd split me open haha

Him: Ok yeah I’ll be back, just text me when they get here in case mkay?

Me: Of course boo

Now he left to go get poppers, but after he left I hear a knock at the door again, I go to get it *thanking god my roommate was at work till late*. I open the door to my surprise 2 guys standing at my door. 2nd guy was in a neon shirt with whitewashed bluejeans and paint stains all over his arms and work uniform made me pre-cum a little cause he was at least 6’5, white, and looked mid 20’s. The 3rd was a small framed guy in grey slacks and a baby blue button up, he was bald, late 30’s and Hispanic. He looked like he was a swimmer, def a swimmer.

I invite them in and we all sit in the living room eyeing each other kind of waiting for who was gonna touch me first. The 2nd guy stands up and just drops his fucking pants. Proud of his huge white cock and untrimmed blonde bush. His farmers tan was sexy, and I just reached out, grabbed his cock and slid it in my mouth. Eyeing him the whole time thrusting my thrussy till I couldn’t breath.

As I’m doing that the 3rd guy starts playing with my ass and Im on my blowing the 2nd. Hes using his thick fingers to loosen me up complimenting me on how soft and wet my ass was. I start to pucker my tight hole on his finger. As I’m doing that, the 2nd starts throbbing his cock in my thrussy making me get hard. I was sucking and getting fingered at the same time. Loving every fucking second of it.

*knock knock*

It’s the 4th guy, I was enjoying myself so damn much I let him wait a sec before sending the 2nd guy out to let him in. During that time the 3rd and myself are kind of playing with one another. Him reaching for my throbbing shemeat and me just feeling him gradually put 4 fingers in my ass.

He goes ahead and motions me on the couch. I’m on all fours putting my hands on the arm of the couch arching my hole up for loosening. He licks my hole and starts spitting on it, making me wiggle around waiting for him to put his cock in me.

As he starts to unzip his pants the 2nd & 4th walk in and I say “what are you waiting for boys?” Instantly the 2nd guy motions the 3rd away insisting his cock be the one that loosens me. Barely whipping out his cock just so its out enough to fuck me he puts in all 9 inches making me squirm in pain and euphoria cause I’d never had a cock that big just go in me straight away. I winced but went right back to moaning; showing him I can take a pounding. He grunts “take my dick bitch” and puts hands on both cheeks spreading me open so I can take every inch.

I start to notice I’m dripping precum, like not a lot but a heavy flow soaking my couch as the tips rubs on the sofa. 4th guy starts on my mouth, I’m at the edge of the sofa being plugged by 2 dudes at once. I couldn’t believe it. The 4th guy was a stocky but tall daddy type with a 6 inch fat cock. It fit in my mouth but it was kind thick. He was hairy as hell with black fur. I knew if the guy behind me kept up I’d nut all over myself so I clench my hole hoping to stop the precum drip.

Big fucking mistake. 2nd guy starts moaning louder and he lets out a loud moan, like really loud. I look back with slobber on my lips watching 2nd guy pull out of my ass so fast that it forced me to gape. He jacks off into my hole rimming it with cum, making me look like a glazed donut. He fucks the cum back in grunting sounding so masculine. He pulls out finally and fastens his pants back up and walked out with a wetspot where his cock was still hard and dripping from the load he fucked into me. Now the 3rd guy uses my mouth and the 4th takes the chance to get behind me. He rips an bigger hole in the outfit and licks me from the tip of my cock to the sweet leftovers from the 2nd dude.

Getting in rhythm for the 4th guy I back my ass into his fat cock listening to the sound of lube and cum be pushed in and out of me. We all go at it in this position moaning and I’m getting called “Cum whore” and “bitch”. Normally im not into this but I was fucking raging hard, idk why but I clenched my hole again thinking I’d stop myself from being close to cumming all over this couch. It didn’t work. I tense up and moan with a mouthful of cock and an ass filled with fat daddy cock. I creamed. I came all over the sofa not really knowing if all of it was just cum or a little mix of piss.

Both guys start going faster, complimenting me on the puddle of sex juice I’d fucking left just now. They grunt together and eventually cum on my back together slapping their cocks on my body and smiling.

I hear the front door open. COMPLETELY forgetting about the 1stdamn guy. He walks in to me on all fours covered in cum. He lets out a whiney “aww guys, without me?” but in a joking sitcom way lmao.

He offers to lick me clean and I let him, watching him hit every drip of seed and every crease on my body searching for any leftovers. He blew me as the others left but I eventually dated that 1st guy for a weekend then he broke up with me cause “He isn’t gay” which is a big eyeroll cause it’s not gay or homosexual to be with a trans woman.

Analwho, that was fun, I hope you enjoyed another poorly written story by yours truly reminiscing on her sexual adventures haha. <3

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