Father & Son

So my recent trip to Vegas was an interesting one haha. There’s 2 stories I’ll share today that I thought were gag worthy about these clients I had.

This guy I had been talking to who is a a fairly renown DJ. We actually met in DC at a nude bar but whatever, we’d been talking for over a year and I decided it’d finally be time I met up with him.

Well, things got pretty heated and I guess I was just horny and I let him raw me for a little over 3 hours. I only let this happen because I felt safe with this 6'7" Japanese American man. He would pull out and take a little bit of my soul with him and push it back in giving me like what seemed to be something I was missing.

The last 30 minutes I pull out my iPhone and record him going to pound town just cause No girl should go without recording her own porn! Lol

Well he washes off in the shower and we chat a bit but he leaves. I get a call and it’s a client wanting to see me, which is fine, so he comes over.

I opened my hotel door and this guy is a bit older moreso the dad type but lean and so tall! He had a button nose and bigger ears just like the guy I’d let shatter my hip not even an hour before this.

We swap oral, each each other’s ass, and he fucked me like a champ.

Here’s where the dirt gets dirty…

I look at him and ask “ does your son live in Vegas?” He says yes and I asked if he wanted to see a video of someone I think is his son.

HE GAGS AND LOOKS AT ME JUST WIDE EYED but says yeah anyway. I show him the video, and he smiles, says it’s his son! Lol well he gets dressed and I sneak in a snapchat of him getting dressed cause I wanted more proof that I just fucked a tranny chasing son & father lol

After the alleged Dad leaves I message the son and ask “so does your dad live in Vegas, and do you guys look like twins?” He responds with a simple yes so I show him the video of the dad getting dressed. He then proceeded to tell me to never contact him again lol.

Well that’s my shitty-written life experience of fucking a father & son within an hour of each other hahaha

If anyone wants proof I have the video of the son fucking me and the father getting dressed as well for sale 😘😉

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