My Perfect Sub

The Perfect Sub is someone that doesn’t beg for things you never mentioned they could obtain and that’s truly giving yourself to someone. Well, I found that someone and we’ve met up over the last 3 years and have seen each other periodically. Our last meeting was a memorable one and I’d really wanna Show you what it’s like for me to enjoy myself in domme sessions. First he always come over and uses the hotel shower to get himself completely ready for my will, but this time I told him to come smoke a little bit of weed before we started. To his surprise as he is smoking the weed I start to bind him and throw him on the bed already asserting my dominance over his body. He seemed so thrilled and scared at the same time. After I suck him off and spank him, spreading his hole I tell him to get dressed and go shower. He’s sporting a huge rock hard dick; and is honestly scrambled from going out of routine and I’m not gonna lie, that’s so much of a turn on to see him shaken. He showers and comes back in the bedroom and we smoke a little bit more, I want all his senses scattering and shattered. He sits back on the bed and before he can blow out the smoke I bind his hands and slap a tight black leather collar and push him face first onto the sheets. It’s now my time to inspect my slaves body and push the limits we’ve both experienced over the years. I start by pushing down on his prostate just below his hole, teasing the pressure every few seconds making his body squirm; the same pressure I use when I put my cock on his hole to let him know I’m readying up to entering him. He didn’t know that I had intentions of eating his ass but I showed him how hungry I was for slave ass. I fucked his smoothe pink hole with my tongue for what seemed a little over a half hour. Sucking his sweet manly hole and wrapping my harms under him to wrap around the small of his back. I didn’t want him squirming too much or having too much control in general. This is the only Ass I think I’ve ever eaten that was so smoothe, but hairy and rugged. Munching my lips to him is the epitome of eating a mans ass. I let go to let him think I’m giving him a break but what he wasn’t expecting was an Anal Hook being forced into his now relaxed and open asshole. Anal hooks are usually cold, smoothe and perfect for anal stimulation. I perch his ass up in the air so I can slip the hook at the right angle for him to feel pressure, he takes the whole hook with moans and clinching of the toes. He’s suffered enough so I move into wanting him to release his cum and enjoy his reward. Using my arms and whole body I flip him over on his back, slipping a pocket pussy sleeve on his cock, but not before sucking his cock. -but wait- he throws his legs up and holds them, hands still behind his back and ballgag in his mouth, it’s so hott to look at him like this, so willing. I instead reach my 2 fingers in and start fingering him with a “come here motion” and without jacking him off with the sleeve He starts to cringe and tighten up, he’s whimpering so I slow down, not wanting him to cum so fast. He’s moaning “I want to cum, please I want to cum.” So I slow down and prepare him with the words “I want you to cum for me, and do it now”. A few strokes and his clamping up on my fingers so hard I was impressed, he releases.. filling up the tube full of cum and it’s leaking everywhere like a milkshake in a small glass. Perfect. This is the last time I see him, the Perfect Sub.

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