Licked Ass to Neck

A few months back I went to columbus for a photo shoot with a new Photographer; per usual I’ll book myself out for “meet n greets”. Well I had a new client that wanted to meet me in his totally decked out upscale hotel room. I was looking forward to some company from him for some time now. I dress in my favorite mute-pink babydoll dress and pink salt colored latex sandals. Hair long and wavy down to my ass, I walk into his room and I meet John, he’s very courteous.. immediately had my meet n greet gift ready for me beside his minibar. I didn’t have to instruct him on how to please me. From the beginning he slipped my clothes off started licking my back, and rubbing my thighs. This man had taste and wasn’t afraid to have a bite. Wetting his long flat tongue in the dimples of my Lower back then sliding his tongue through the slit of my ass..he finally made his was to my hole, making me pre a little everytime he spread me open and pushed his tongue forward. This went on for about an hour before I noticed a soaked bed with precum. He flips me over licking me like a rotisserie dinner; his tongue was so wet and controlled, it was amazing. Near the end of our time I start stroking and I quicken up the pace in time for his cock to push out globs of cum but not a second after I came.. pushing his head down on my cock making sure every drop went into his throat. He starts choking and I notice saliva with the heaviest amount of cum dropping out of the sides. I kept fucking that mouth till I went soft. Hopefully I see him again soon ❤️❤️

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