Clide, the Mechanic

One of my most Viewed Video's is of Clide my Mechanic and I playing around and exchanging services.

He hit me up the other day and wanted to get together that Night! I of course agreed and to my surprise he enjoyed the way I told him to do things, and liked my dominant ways of foreplay. Keeping Clide around has its perks, I get a Tall, Fit, Hung- Bottom to fill up at my disposal. Truly a gift from above!

When he came over I was expecting the norm, he'd shower, come up and we'd play around but he said he had something to admit to his Mistress *thats so hott to hear lol*. He Starts undoing his pants and to my surprise he's wearing a Black Lace Thong barely holding his huge dick, and nectarine sized nuts. To say the least I think this was one of the sexiest things a guy has revealed to me other than what he can do with his mouth.

Our adventures for the night are being Edited at the moment, but I think I plan on making a fuller longer film for Purchase as well as the smaller scenes of our fun.


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