Teddy Bear Daddy

Been a while since I shared an adventure of mine but this one has everything and anything to do with my big furry daddies with thick dicks and oral fixations haha

There’s a guy who lets call him Teddy, actually found my Kik off here and hit me up and he wanted a session, so per usual we talk and decide to meet up.

Waiting on him to get to my Hotel; I’m sending him live vids of me stroking and building up a serious puddle of precum on my dress to keep the ball rolling like anyone would haha

Before he came in I asked him to just walk in and lift my tunic dress, he did, and he’s a 6'1ft guy kinda thick, glasses and comes in jeans and a black shirt. He’s giving me tech vibes which makes him seem all the more attractive cause what’s there not to like about intelligence?

But back to me, I’m sitting in the center of the bed stroking my cock through my tunic dress and he comes over to the side and starts stroking my throbbing shecock, amazed… he just starts deep throating me, being a pro and I notice his cock is sticking though the pocked of his jeans, I WAS COMPLETELY TURNED ON BY HIS DICK BEING THAT THICK AND HARD

Okay he’s coming up for air and tries to kiss me, which, eh I’m not really into but he notices and starts sucking on my neck but finds his way back to the clitty between my thighs

At this moment I’m ready to watch his dick throb in my hands so I make teddy stand up and take off his pants and he starts stroking and fingering me rubbing his middle finger around my hole pushing his thick finger through the fat of my cheeks massaging my hole getting me worked up af

I asked if he’d wanna suck me again, cause his beard was smooth and his mouth was velvet, it was my daddy dream and I’m smiling ear to ear haha.

He kneels in front of me and he’s going back to sucking the precum out of me and I notice he’s leaking, like out of his boxers hard with his gold ball sized head getting wet and more wet by each thrust of my foot on his junk

We switch again and I told him I’m ready to cum on myself and help him too, so instead I jack my cock laying on the bed and he’s standing beside me pumping blood to his dick and spitting on it for lube… like where did he come from being a nasty daddy like that ❤️❤️

I’m getting close and I pump my dick harder making my titties jiggle. As I’m about to cum my moan gets louder and uglier matching his breathing. By time I’m ready to cum he’s squirting on my chest painting my whole torso, soaking me in the warmest and whitest daddy nectar.

I fucking squirt a huge shot on my own face pumping and squeezing out more cum. Haha I could help but notice my toes were wrapped in the sheets choking the thread count with my orgasmic spasms lmao

Teddy was a fun daddy, and I hope I see him again next time I’m in Columbus. ❤️❤️🐻

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