American Werewolf in Dayton

My birthday was underrated in my personal opinion. It really was one of the more intimate times in the boudoir considering all of my sex work.

The whole week I was trying to plan out some decent birthday sex, like all week I was screening cuties from Tinder till I got a text from this ripped furry italian I had been talking to the week before.

We had really connected on a personal level, and he looked like he knew how to fuck. Like the kind of guy you only see in a naughty contruction worker uniform posed on some calendar from the 80′s. He had a full beard, shoulder length wavy hair, and thick eyebrows. Literally in Italian heaven! Haha

All day we’d plan and beat around the bush about getting together, so we finally link up and he picks me up. I’m in my new $200 black turtleneck dress that hugs every curve- truly a birthday dress! He’s in a simple frock of guy clothes, pants, shirt, simple shoes. –anyways he picks me up in his Jeep blaring Dave Matthews Band giving me bachelor type teas which is fine cause its kind of something that makes all women wet apparently..

Finally we get to his apartment and he gets up to get us some bourbon on the rocks *my actual fav* which eventually is gonna put my tranny ass in the mood to take some dick haha.

Welp, the bourbon sets in and neither of us are paying attention to this movie, hes more interested in rubbing my smooth thighs and resting his furry little face between my legs and rambling about some Cinema. Its cute, i’m attracted to him, finally someone that appreciates my love for mystery and bloodshed.

Okay okay, onto the good stuff, we’re getting hot n’ heavy, I’m sucking this guys dick like it’s my last and he’s simply amazed by my mouth game. Like, i’m good, but this guy gave into my ego as I sucked the head and pulled the shaft, edging him into another moan. I decide to grind on him and let my nipples in his mouth giving him the time of his life and like a naughty girl I stick my finger in his mouth AND HE FUCKING BIT DOWN – FOR FUTURE REFERENCE DO NOT BITE ME, AS MUCH INTO PAIN AND DOMME LIFE I AM NOT OKAY WITH BITING ME– this brings me to put my hands around his neck and choke him a little, which made his cock pulse so hard and it felt delicous between my cock and balls, his uncut dick was hard and so soft at the same time, constantly us both dripping precum. I’m crafty and pull out my Shibari vibrator and place it on the underside tip of his dick and turn it on, the look on his face was both priceless and erotic. I see his perfect hole pucker and pulse as I pleasure him- taking control of how much he moans and I feel him getting close which just wasnt okay. I wanted fucked, and I wanted fucked HARD. I stop and put the toy away.

AT LAST HE INVITES ME TO HIS BED. I bring my bag and my condoms with warming lube, I was so ready, so ready for the 9 inch uncut sword ready to slay the Bussy Dragon.

I end up with my ass in the air, lubed and waiting, he slowly enters my bussy, and as we both get used to it and find our rhythm, I turn up the fun.

Pulsing my prostate and tightening my hole as he pulls away he pulsed back, we did this for about a half hour while I relax my hole everytime he pumps in. I was disappointed so fast though as I hear him say “Fuck what are you doing, i’m going to cum” so I say firmly “Then fuck me harder” he quickens the pace and fills the condom with what seemed like a heavy amount. I was shocked by how much it made the condom swell lol

we take a break and wipe lube off us, we cuddle, talk about life and I go to wipe the red lipstick id smudged everywhere lol

I come back, and we cuddle, and all is silent, then i feel him fingering my hole! I’m like DAAAAAAAMMMMMNNN hes quick to recover lol. This time we’re on our sides and hes slipping me some good dick and I’m happy haha. He got on top and started grinding his dick really hard and really slow against my prostate, and at first I’m like “0w” but that quickly changed and I started to ‘wow” and felt precum being pushed out my dick. HE WAS MILKING ME, and I dont like to be outdone, I refuse! i start by bussy trick and hes getting faster, moaning louder, and he doesn’t even say anything this time, he just falls off me and says ‘It’s magical what you do, you have a gift” lol mission accomplished.

At this point I’m ready for a nap, my poor bussy is a little worked over but i was feeling great and all i wanted was a nap! I roll over noticing our cuddling wasnt as intimate, it was clear… we were tired haha.

I’m assuming mid nap that waking up to a dick between my cheeks wasn’t an accident to i get up and bend over the bed, ready for him to just obliterate me again, I’m totally ready, like so ready haha. He literally climbs on top of my ass and plugs me in a weird way, grunting, pushing harder, forcing himself in my close hole without lube. He was milking me again, and I wasnt going to let him do it, but he kept going and I stopped pulling his dick in me and just laid there. I couldn’t catch a breath in the pillows so I let go and let god. - i made the biggest puddle of cum on his sheets, no warning, nothing- and my hole was vibrating with an orgasm, Id came and he was still going, making me lose control. It was seriously so damn sexy haha.

to wrap this up, we were both asleep with an hour before daylight and before long I got hard cuddling his ass against my dick, so I ask “can you fuck my throat and I’ll jack off?” he looked complexed lmao, like it wasnt enough but maybe because it was my birthday, or maybe because he was horny, he stood up and burried his pelivis in my face and i was being throat fucked. I wasted no time trying to cum, I wanted sleep lol. I felt him getting harder and harder too, which mean he was gonna cum and I was gonna cum TOGETHER.

yes fucking god! I felt the warm liquid that is boy nectar flowing out my mouth and I sprayed his shoulder somehow missing his face and hair, I didn’t even clean off, we licked ourselves dry and passed our for 30 minutes.


ps. i didn’t turn into a werewolf, but I kind of wish we could have

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